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Right now, we have 9 dogs, 7 of whom are certified with OFA credentials,  and 2 others yet to be OFA'd, and DNA testing performed on our top producers.  Our Brittany Gene Pool is diverse and potent.  We have matched pairs of brother/sisters in different colors and coat characteristics.    We have white and orange dogs from proven breeding, orange and white dogs from the same lines, and our original liver and white dogs from our own breeding  as well as match-ups to our white and orange lines.  Our original lines from Sir Benjamin  were outcrossed to Kay Cee Bandit, Ban Dee, Gringo DeBritt  lines that dominated Brittany breeding over a 30 year pattern and represent the best of those lines.  This did not happen by accident and took 20 years to accomplish.  Right now, there is not a single breeder in the country with a more talented gene pool.  Over the next 10 years, you can be assured that we will refine and polish our talent as never before to assure you the absolute finest quality Brittanys in both field abilities and breed type  for confirmation. 

All our dogs are bold energetic hunters, with solid lovable temperaments, and emotional stability.  They have good noses, natural retrieving instincts, and most are natural backers.  Plus they have good bones to take the stress of rough country, and dark pads to protect their feet.  We are serious about our breeding and do not sell to anyone but hunters and trialers, but will consider a breeding deal for a companion dog to be placed into a good household.  You own the dog, I own the breeding rights.  If this interests you, call to discuss the paramaters. 

Our outcross females right now are from Nolan's Last Bullet, and Square Butte Sadie, which produced Buddy's Square Button. who was bred to Abel.  Leggs and Goldie were the results, one liver and one orange.  These two females were bred to Major, Buddha, and Tank to infuse the long term staying power of Square Butte Brittanys.   In this line we have added Square Butte LaRue, a smaller dynamic liver and white male who is the smartest dog I have seen in a long time.  Plus we have a new female out of the Nolan's Last Bullet side, Square Butte Copper, an orange and white handful born in 2016.  She has incredible speed and is a great pointer at a young age who does everything at full tilt. 

We added Kinwashkly Do U Believen Magic, Halle, who is a beautiful orange and white female out of a dual champion and a show champion mother.  She was a great young dog who placed in the 2014 Brittany Futurties in the gun dog stakes.  Less than a month later she won her show championship, and just last month she finished her Grand Show Championship.  She is a great bird finder and an impeccable retriever.  She was bred to Major once and will be bred to Buddha next year in the late winter.

Our females are the best we have ever had and Zelda has more natural talent than any female we have ever bred since Blossom, . Her first litter produced Bitty and Gabel, a matched liver and white pair.  Bitty has the most point at a young age I have ever seen.  These dogs will enhance any breeding program whether a startup effort or an established situation over the next few years.  We will continue to produce spectacular bird dogs until I decide to call it quits, THEN WE'RE DONE.   


Abel's Sargeant Major

Blazen' Abel's Incarnate 

She's Got Leggs


Abel's Absolute Certainty


Maggie's Daisy Mae

Square Butte Zelda


Blazen Abel's Imprint


Kinwashkly Do U

Believin' Magic


Abel's Think Tank


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