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We have bred Buddha, Blazen' Abel's Incarnate, (OFA Good) to Halle, Kinwashkly's Do U Believen' Magic, (OFA Excellent) GCH, SH, in March of 2018, and ready to go in early July.   

Buddha throws big running powerful dogs with solid temperments and gentle dispositions. And tons of run, he has an extra gear that he adds anytime he needs it and no dog in the kennel now can run with him if he opens up.  But he hunts under control and has great patience when he is working scent.  He is a great natural retriever and a good natural backer. He represents the best of the liver side of our lines, speed, power, smarts, and a great nose...What else do you want?

This is Halle's last litter and I will keep a pup for me, and this is a litter to look forward to as her last go around with Major  produced rock solid dogs top to bottom. Halle placed in the 2014 Brittany Western futurties in a tough 28 dog field the first time she ran a field trial mostly against pros on their home ground.  She ran like a dream for me, stood her birds, and retrieved to hand although it was not required.  She ran down a bird that flew and brought it back to me.  She is a spectacular retriever, has a great nose and handles superbly.  What else is there?

Pups will be $1000 with a $300 deposit.  Both colors are expected.  We have numerous deposits on this litter already so Call 406-727-5271 to reserve yours today.



Square Butte Sugarbabe with TEN, COUNT 'EM TEN, new born puppies. Six orange and white females, four liver and white males, born Sunday, March 29, 2009. This is Buddha's mother and his litter a few days old. It was so impressive, I repeated it twice more getting Daisy and Tank.




Halle winning her Grand Show Championship last year in California with co-owner, Gail Easter.  

Halle is mostly retired from the ring right now but shows occasionally. Her daughter from Gail's last litter is one of the winningest show dogs in the tough California circuit which sports 4 of the top 10 dogs in the country. Dual style dogs will be available from this breeding.














Buddha stands high-headed and tall on his birds, just like this shot taken in Arizona.  He throws powerful dogs with big motors and great bird finding abilities. This is a solid line bred litter that will portrait the type of dog we want at Square Butte Brittanys, perfect for the field but gentle around the house.    



WE have also bred Buddha to Shiloh, OFA Fair, a daughter of Button and Major which combines the best of Abel's line breeding, with Nolan's Last Bullet, Button's Sire, the winningest dog in NSTRA history and a Hall of Fame Brittany.  There are 55 field champions won in NSTRA in 3 generations of this breeding.  Pups are $800 with $300 deposit required.  Due in Mid June, available in Late July/Early August.  Call for availability at 406-727-5271.





 Shiloh standing in her backyard.

Note her deep chest and solid demeanor.  Lightfooted and graceful, she is solid muscle.  Dogs from this breeding will be powerful ground runners with big bones and tons of power.  She was a nice dog in the house when we had her in for breeding and exhibited good manners around the puppies we had in the house.  She is however, a no nonsense hunter with no fear. 














Halle standing in the same cactus garden as Major in Arizona as a two year old.  Her intensity is seen in her face which shows that she is, for want of a better pharase, "More than just a pretty face."  She is subtely dominant, a lady with an attitude as a couple of my new pups have found out this week at home



Abel's Seargent Major (OFA Fair), posing in a cactus looks as noble standing as most dogs do on point.  He and Buddha are half brothers from Abel and represent the best of our bloodlines which produce both colors of Brittanys.   



Abel posing at a field trial in the Flathead Valley on a weekend when he took two firsts. Next to Ben he was the best dog I have ever owned and could track pheasants better than any dog I have ever seen. Major and Buddha throw the best of Abel that there is left, one orange and one liver, which gives you the buyer either side of the genepool which contains numerous Hall of Fame Brittanys.   




































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