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We have bred Buddha, Blazen' Abel's Incarnate, (OFA Good) to Leggs, She's Got Leggs, (OFA Good) with pups expected in Mid January of 2018 and ready to go in March.  

Buddha throws big running powerful dogs with solid temperments and gentle dispositions. And tons of run, he has an extra gear that he adds anytime he needs it and no dog in the kennel now can run with him if he opens up.  But he hunts under control and has great patience when he is working scent.  He is a great natural retriever and a good natural backer. He represents the best of the liver side of our lines, speed, power, smarts, and a great nose...What else do you want?

This is Legg's last litter and I will keep a pup for me, and this is a litter to look forward to as her last go around with Buddha produced the most powerful dogs I had seen in quite a few years.  Expect big strong dogs with big bones, elegant movement and great noses with solid natural retrieving instincts.  These dog  have wonderful dispositions  but maintain a no nonsense attitiude in the field, the best of both worlds.  They make great household companions 

This is a liver to liver breeding so most of the dogs will be liver and white but there will be orange dogs available as well. Pups are $800 with a $300 deposit to insure your place in the pecking order.  We have numerous deposits on this litter already so Call 406-727-5271 to reserve yours today.



Square Butte Sugarbabe with TEN, COUNT 'EM TEN, new born puppies. Six orange and white females, four liver and white males, born Sunday, March 29, 2009. This is Buddha's mother and his litter a few days old. It was so impressive, I repeated it twice more getting Daisy and Tank.




Leggs standing all stretched out and still which for her is rare, she only stops to eat, drink and point usually.  Her composure is remarkable, you can see it in her eyes. she looks right at you, a trait I like.  She is a great mother, protective and gentle, and truly loves her pups.  She is incredibly strong for her size, probably the only dog I have bred that reminds me of Ben in his prime.      


Blazen' Annie's Abel, 4X NSTRA Champion on point. He placed in the final four at a national championship at the age of three. His last national championship placement came at the age of 11. He could find birds in a concrete parking lot. Both Major and Buddha are sons of Abel and have been chosen to carry on this line which is in its 5th generation now and is producing better dogs top to bottom than we have ever bred, a tribute to luck and great genetics. I have always said, "Its better to be lucky than good."



Major's intensity comes through as much in a cactus garden shot as it does on point on wild birds. This is the intensity champions are made of, and what you can expect of pups from his litters. Major has been bred extensively and is the best stud dog we have had since Ben for throwing national caliber field trial dogs. Every litter he throws at least one dog that could win it all, regardless of the female that was bred.





Buddha stands high-headed and tall on his birds, just like this shot taken in Arizona.  He throws powerful dogs with big motors and great bird finding abilities. This is a solid line bred litter that will portrait the type of dog we want at Square Butte Brittanys, perfect for the field but gentle around the house.    








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