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Daisy, Maggies Daisy Mae, {OFA Good} was bred to Square Butte Zeke, {OFA Good) in Early January of 2019.


She's Got Leggs, (OFA Good) in Mid Jan to Abel's Think Tank, (OFA Good).  This is a line bred Blazen's Annie's Abel litter.  Get 'em while you can.

These litters will be a week or so apart and there is some availability on the Legg's/Tank litter.  Call for details, pups are $900 with a $300 deposit to hold your place in the litter.

Tank and Leggs will throw serious bird finders with lotsa run and tons of style.  Both dogs are solid on point  and Tank is as stylish as any dog in the country.
Leggs consistently out runs her bracemate and has the most bottom of any dog we have bred in a lot of years. Expect pups with all these characterics and a nice disposition to boot.  Call 406-727-5271 to discuss these and other litters coming up in 2019. 


Stand up handsome, Tank shows with off his intensity as well.  He looks better standing than most dogs do pointing... Like Abel, he moves like a cat, lightfooted and sure of himself.


Leggs posing all stretched out with her serious nature seen in her eyes.  This will be her last litter.  I wish I had more of her on the ground,for future breeding, you can never get enough of a dog like this




Blazen' Annie's Abel and me posing at a field trial in which he took two firsts over the weekend.  He is the best dog I have bred since I got Ben in 1987.  All my breeding being done now has a heavy dose of Abel in the mix. 

He could find birds other dogs ran by, track rooster pheasant in cut grain with no training, retrieve to hand no matter the difficulty, and backed other dogs from incredible distances. He placed in his first trial before he was two years old and won 5 of the next 6 trials he entered that year.  He was a field champion and placed in a national championship by the time he was three years old.  At the age of 11, he placed in the first round of a national championship with 5 finds.  At the age of 13, as a lark, I entered him in the Regional Championships and by nose alone, he made the cut to the final 6.  This is a dog you want progeny from.   





 Zeke posing in Arizona as a two year old.  He fought the lead but that only indicated his incredible drive to run.  He is a Gator/Maggie cross, the last grandson of Ben and the last dog out of Maggie.  She was the best orange female I have ever owned.

Zeke is probably the best dog I have bred since Abel from all reports.  Editor Bob Mathews from Sporting Classics remarked, "I didn't think they made Brittanys that could run like this."  One of my buyers from Arizona who hunted over Zeke last year said, "He is the best Brittany I have ever seen."


 Daisy not liking the restraints of a lead in Arizona for picture taking but submitting nonetheless.  She is a powerful 40 lb female that can out run the boys and not run out of gears.  Buddha, Tank, and Daisy are all results of three separate Abel/Sugarbabe Breedings.  I kept one dog from each litter, and I feel that the best of Abel, Gator, and the Hanging Jaze outcross  is represented here.  It has proved true in the last ten years. 





















































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