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Our focus has changed in 2018, more time on dogs, less time on flies.  I have a couple of books with editors, and more in the making.  I'll fish for me, hunt for me and the dogs, and write more.  The main thing we're doing is making sure that our dogs will stay at the forefront of Brittany Breeding and that can only be done by going down the road with more intensity.  Thanks for your support over the last 27 years, When someone tells me this is the best dog he has ever owned and he got it from me, that fulfills our expectations and enhances our lives, and quite frankly, makes all the work even more rewarding.   

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We would be remiss if we did not give tribute to Abel's Sergeant Major who left us a couple of weeks ago.  He had the best long range nose I have ever had, even Ben did not point them farther away.  He won some big trials and would have been a horseback champion of I had not taken 400 yards of run out of him at the age of 15 months.  He won the Purina Endurance Pre Trial at Lewistown Montana in 2011 with a 5 find/5 retrieve score in the middle of the day in heat while he was out of shape.  He was the only dog that found 5 birds that day out of 64 national caliber dogs.  As a breeder, he threw one male a litter that "could play in the bigs", and I loved him to death,  He was like a big lion, and had a mane to go with it.  He was the only dog I hae ever owed that would lay outside of his kennel in a snow storm, he seemed impervious to temperature changes.  When you hunted him, you didn't handle him, you followed him, that's all you had to do. Major League..

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