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Blazen' Anne's Abel, 4X NSTRA Champion, OFA Good, DNA Certified. 2003 Purina Endurance Championship 3rd Runner Up, 3X Big Sky NSTRA High Point Runner Up, 2006 Big Sky Regional Championship 3rd Runner Up.

Our trial history is varied and successful in that we have trialed numerous dogs over 21 years and have won 13 NSTRA Championships, while winning at the regional and national level.  We have placed in American Field with both Pointers and Brittanys, and have run in Brittany stakes in AKC,  and recently took 4th at the 2014 .  Western Futurties with Halle in the Gun Dog Stake.  Our track record speaks for itself.

We are not currently trialing at a steady pace, we have won for so long that trialing is not a concern, breeding is the most important thing, but for the record.  Last year, one of my pups, Duke, out of Major and Button, owned by Rayce Schneider took second in an AKC Brittany Puppy trial and was handled on foot.  He out ran dogs on horseback, with his handler on foot.  This is quite a feat when a foot handled dog runs 800 yards to the front on his first cast at 13 months of age and handles besides.

We are concentrating on our breeding program striving to put these dogs' progeny on the ground in the hands of other people. It is more important in the long run to get these dogs out into the public than for me to win, and the cost factors of trialing at this level can be overwhelming in a down economy.

If you have trial aspirations, we have all the talent you will ever need to win if you want put the work into it. I will trial a dog for you if you want but personally I would rather hunt, fish, write, drink wine, and enjoy the dogs more as I get older. Life is too short to run hell bent for leather all the time.

This year I am running  Tank and  Buddha in NSTRA.  I'll run Gabel and Bitty, two new pups in AKC Puppy in the fall. .    . Major pointing with classic high head and as much style as you will see in any Brittany.

This year is a transition year as far as trialing goes, if we like what we see, Tank will make a real run at serious titles.  Gabel will emerge and Bitty may also.  Rue may come on and win big time, but he is so smart, he may out smart me and become a handling problem.

Managing this string of dogs as I get  older will be my biggest problem because they all want to run all the time...I could have much worse problems.



 Button on the run in Arizona in January of 2009. The rear angulation demonstrates the leg drive. The intensity of her overall demeanor is seen in her eyes.



 Buddy’s Square Button can win any stake she wants to as long as she decides to run for me and not herself.  She is one of those dogs that can win at any level any time she decides to stand broke. She out runs any Brittany I own except Leggs and Buddha.  In open country she covers as much ground as most pointers.






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