Our Mission Statement

SQUARE BUTTE BRITTANYS primary purpose is to breed the top Brittany field dogs being bred at this time. We strive to create natural bird dogs that point, back and retrieve with a minimal amount of training. We were blessed to have Sir Benjamin Of Bozeman as a foundation on which to grow our gene pool. Ben had it all, a phenomenal nose, the ability to mark and retrieve as good as any retriever, and the speed and grace to run all day. Aside from being OFA Excellent, he was pre-potent and passed these traits on in his progeny. I have often said that “Ben could breed a fence post and create a field champion “ and that’s not too far from the truth. Although bred sparingly, everything he touched turned to gold.


First Generation Blaze, and Benjamin’s Effortless Gait became multiple time field champions and furthered his gene pool through numerous breedings. Blaze created Blazen’ Annie’s Abel, a 4X NSTRA Field Champion out of Top Knot Annie Ban-Dee and our third consecutive generation field champion who became our first final four winner at a national championship. Abel is a cross between Blaze and Ben, possessing Blazes uncanny handling ease and Ben’s unbelievable bird finding abilities.


But these things didn’t happen by accident. We searched bloodlines and found match ups that worked for us. Gator and Blazen’ Annie’s Abel are results of successful outcrosses to Ban Dee bloodlines, arguably the greatest Brittany of all time. In addition, we sought out Rick Smith lines and bred them into ours, and then mixed them with the Ban Dee Outcrosses to further enhance our gene pool.


Then for good luck, we added a great line bred Kay Cee Bandit female, Hangin Jaze Hannah. Kay Cee Bandit was the sire to Ban Dee and Gringo de Brit, two half-brothers that have dominated Brittany breeding for 30 years. Hannah was OFA Excellent and the best bitch we have ever had, so we bred her to Blaze, Gator, and Abel. This put us in 13 years. Then we started breeding Abel to the best of those outcrosses. Our best dogs in the last 10 years have come from those breedings.

And then we added another line, Nolan’s Last Bullet, probably the most famous Brittany in the last 25 years, and we bred him to Square Butte Sadie, a big boned huge running liver female out of a Rick Smith outcross bitch, Two Hundred Proof Rita. Half of Nolan’s Last Bullet’s back breeding came from Rick Smith lines so the matchup was a natural fit. This created Buddy’s Square Button, and she was bred to Abel in 2010, which created Leggs and Goldie. And then we added Kinwashkly Do U Believen’ Magic,Halle, out of breeding that is proven and dual quality back for 30 years.  She is stunning in the ring and rock solid in the field… We’ll see where it goes from here.


Well it got better, Halle was bred to a top show dog and produced the top Brittany show dog in the USA in 2019, River Run Shake a TailFeather, who won the Brittany National Specialty show at the 2019 Brittany National Championships in Arkansas.  I have two half sisters to her out or Buddha and Halle…better to be lucky than good.