Our Breeding Program

We have added and lost dogs in the last couple of years, but none more dramatic than this year.  She’s Got Leggs, the most powerful female we ever bred went to the great beyond.  She can never be replaced, but she will always be remembered as the closest to my heart and most like Ben of any Dog that has ever come out of this kennel. And Buddha, Blazen’ Abel’s Incarnate, joined her shortly thereafter.  Buddha was the best of Gator and Abel with a boatload of Ban Dee in his background. Buddha and Leggs produced my best dogs over the last ten years.   

Our original lines from Sir Benjamin were outcrossed to Kay Cee Bandit, Ban Dee, Gringo DeBritt lines that dominated Brittany breeding over a 30 year pattern and represent the best of those lines.  This did not happen by accident and took 20 years to accomplish.  Right now, there is not a single breeder in the country with a more talented gene pool.  Over the next 10 years, you can be assured that we will refine and polish our talent as never before to assure you the absolute finest quality Brittanys in both field abilities and breed type  for confirmation. 

All our dogs are bold energetic hunters, with solid lovable temperaments, and emotional stability.  They have good noses, natural retrieving instincts, and most are natural backers.  Plus they have good bones to take the stress of rough country, and dark pads to protect their feet.  We are serious about our breeding and do not sell to anyone but hunters and trialers, but will consider a breeding deal for a companion dog to be placed into a good household.  You own the dog, I own the breeding rights.  If this interests you, call to discuss the parameters. 

We implemented GSC Kinwashkly Do U Believen Magic, Halle, who is a beautiful orange and white female out of a dual champion and a show champion mother.  She was a great young dog who placed in the 2014 Brittany Futurties in the gun dog stakes.  Less than a month later she won her show championship, and soon finished her Grand Show Championship.  She is a great bird finder and an impeccable retriever.  She was bred to Buddha and produced, SQUARE BEAUT MINI, the most confirmation perfect dog we have ever bred.  Mini was just bred. A half sister of Mini, Piper, was the top brittany show bitch in the country from 2019  and won the national specialty show at the Brittany Nationals that year.

We have added a complete new out-cross, WARBONNET’S CHIEF ADDITION, Addie, who comes from NFC/AFC/DC Hope’s Chief of Cross Creek, the biggest winning AKC gun dog male in the last few years, and a grand champion show mother, Warbonnet’s Wind Dancer.  She was bred last spring to Buddha.  She is OFA Good.   Addie is the most spirited, and Mini is the most refined.  They are all superior female Brittanys and will compliment our line up.    

We have doubled up on Halle by keeping two puppies from her daughters, Mini and Roxie.  Last year we kept Lily, and this year we kept Butch, both liver and white dogs from the same male.  Lily has more talent than I have seen in a long time , and Butch is the best looking specimen I have ever bred.    

We have two young dogs, Jake, a handsome white and orange 3 year old male and a liver and white  half sister, Chica, who just turned two.  Both came from Zelda’s brother, Zeke who has received national attention for outfitter Pete Rogers of Pig Eye Outfitters.  Zeke is the best dog I have seen since Abel… We will continue to produce spectacular bird dogs until I decide to call it quits, THEN WE’RE DONE.