Upcoming Litters

This year, we will be breeding at least two litters.  First, we will repeat the litter from two years ago between Square Beaut Mini and Square Butte’s Vincent Vega.  I kept Lily last time and she has more talent than any female I have seen in a long while.  She retrieved and swam across a creek at 12 weeks the first time I ever threw a sharptail for her.  She backed right away and is a consummate bird finder right now.  This breeding is a Square Butte/Kinwashkly outcross on one side and a Square Butte/Nolan’s Last Bullet outcross on the other. combining the best of old-line breeding with the best of new wave greatness.      

We will repeat the Tank/ Addie litter from last year.   Tank throws big strong dogs with great noses, big run and great style on his birds.  Addie is the daughter of Hopes Chief of Cross Creek, one of the most heralded trial Brittanys in the last twenty years and the winningest Brittany Gun Dog the last few years with two national gun dog titles to his credit.  This is a great outcross.    

Prices are still $1250 on pups but may go up.  Deposits are still $300.  COVID, shipping and dog food costs have precipitated this.  All of the foods I am feeding have gone up from $8.50 to $15  a bag in the last three months, brutal. Commodities costs have skyrocketed and don’t seem to be coming down anytime soon. 

Call 406-750-4502 for details and I will send pics of dogs off the cell phone.  Feel free to call or email with any questions at any time.

Thanks for looking at Square Butte Brittanys for your next pup, our track record speaks for itself.  Good Hunting!

Abel is the sire of both Buddha and Tank. He's the best dog I've bred in 30 years since Ben started it all. After placing third in an early trial, he won five of the next six trials as a two-year old. He placed in a national championship at the age of three, and continued to win at the national level until he was 11 years old, a remarkable career. Buddha and Tank exhibit the traits that Abel passed along.